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Lets get the word out. Click below to tweet at Arnold and tell him to "Go to Arnold Day!" or whatever else you want to say to him.

Help us raise $10,000 for the CJ Foundation!

And just like last year WE'RE ON A MISSION... AGAIN


We’ve been celebrating the legend that is Arnold Schwarzenegger for a solid decade, and last year we made a huge push to do the impossible, and we are doing it again.


We want Arnold in the flesh. Uh huh. Yeah. You heard us.

How are you going to do that?

It should come as no surprise that we’re going to invite Mr Schwarzenegger. Again. But this time around, we thought we’d sweeten the deal a bit. Here’s the skinny.… if we wanted all of Arnold’s fans (really, anyone out there looking to “give back” in a creative way) to pledge some cash to a fantastic charity, we’d need to find one. So we did. In our home town… we chose the CJ Foundation. Maybe, just maybe, he’ll show up to make it all come together.

That doesn't seem very foolproof…

Exactly—but we’re not done explaining yet. In a best-case scenario, you pledge some money to the CJ Foundation, get some free Arnold gear, then party like a rock star with Arnold Schwarzenegger in person! Worst case? Arnold Day XI goes off without a hitch the way it always does, you party like a rock star with dedicated Arnold fans, AND your bank account remains untouched. That’s right—untouched. Nobody’s pledge will be “called upon” unless Arnold (the real Arnold) arrives on the scene!

I'm in! Now what?

It’s easy. Pledge your donations to the CJ Foundation here, and help us spread the word! Let’s get Arnold to show himself for Arnold Day XI!

How about it Arnold?

It’s a whole day just for you! We’ve got a place. We’ve got a time. We’ll even raise some mad money for the CJ Foundation! C’mon, Do it! Do it now! (We’ve already done most of the heavy lifting).

Why The CJ Foundation?

The CJ Foundation for Children in Need is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that provides financial and inspirational resources to families who need help most. With a focus on Autism, Cancer and Education, the CJ Foundation strives to make a difference in the lives of everyone they touch.

The Arnold Day XI fundraising goal of $10k will be used to provide scholarship opportunities to children and their families, through the CJ Foundation, whose insurance will not cover the programs & treatment they require—an additional hardship for those already touched by difficult circumstances.

About Arnold Day

Way back when, it was a simple concept… two Arnold Fans, a 19 inch TV, a VCR (that’s right, a VCR) and the greatest pizza/beer establishment in Orlando—nay, the world! Throughout the day, customers (and employees) came and went as these two warriors watched Arnold “one-line” the hell out of some great movies. By the end of the day, a good seven films were viewed. At an average of two liters per film, it’s a wonder that any memories of the original Arnold Day I exist.

So began the glorious tradition. Each year, on the weekend of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s birthday, a celebration is held. Lazy Moon’s gracious proprietors joined the cause the following year, making Arnold Day a staple in the Orlando area.

Today, Arnold Day is practically a holiday in the Central Florida community. Hundreds of people travel tens of miles to partake in this day-long celebration. Banks close early, schools shut down and corporations cease to operate. Even the Terminator himself attended the last two years. Don’t believe me? Just check out our Gallery. Arnold Day honors one of the most impressive human beings ever to roam this great earth. So, come join us and show your appreciation. You owe it to the Governator. We all do.



Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you actually sing happy birthday?

    Oh do we!

  • Why CJ Foundation?

    Well we already work hand-in-hand with them and know they use every dime that is donated to better the lives of children with Autism. Our goal of $25k can completely change a selected child's life through the CJ FOUNDATION'S HOPE PROJECT. Learn more about this amazing charity here:

  • If Arnold doesn't show do I still get Arnold Day gear?

    Nope. That's the whole point. If we succeed in our goal we all revel in the riches.

  • Can I come to Arnold Day?

    Of course. 1,200 other people do every year. Why haven't you? It is a free movie marathon of nothing but Arnold flicks. Its basically the best day ever. Don't miss it. August 1st at Lazy Moon Pizza in Orlando, FL.

  • How do we contact you?

    At silly.

  • When does the merch ship?

    If Arnold shows on August 1st, everything will go into production August 2nd. Look for your merch in the mail sometime in late August.

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